Residents and Tenants

Managing rental property is a full-time job. Emergency repairs come up when you least expect them, and tenants don’t always pay rent on time. Our property managers are professionals who dedicate their time and effort tackling problems like these daily. Hiring us will save you time, money, and relieve the stress of owning investment property.

We manage multi-unit dwellings, apartment complexes, office spaces, and retail spaces.

Rent collection

advertising and marketing the property to attract new tenants

paying bills and insurance premiums

responding to tenant requests/complaints

screening potential tenants

conducting evictions

performing routine inspections

legal compliance

managing payroll and financial reporting

24/7 Maintenance

Hiring, training, and supervising all employees and independent contractors

And more

Yes, Kablan Management Inc is licensed through the Department of Real Estate, State of California and the City of Los Angeles.

As soon as rents are collected by 25th of each month and those funds have cleared the bank account, we issue your monthly contribution with check deposited into your bank account.

We provide you a report called the Owner Statement every month on the 15th for the previous month. The Owner Statement shows you the rents that were collected, the expenses for the period, and the disbursement that was made to you.

Other reports are also available upon request at no additional charge and include the cash flow statement, balance sheet, general ledger, income statement, and more.

Yes. If you have preferred vendors, we are happy to work with them.

We take a problem resolution approach to most tenant rent collection. Calm and clear communications along with common sense and fairness are usually enough to resolve the issue. However, if a situation escalates, we have an experienced legal team on hand to manage all matters in a cost effective and timely manner, so you can rest assured that the issue is being handled correctly and efficiently.

All applicants must complete a standard application to rent, which is then run for credit and eviction history through the major credit bureaus. We will research on applicants’ business experiences and company bank statements. We also verify employment and rental history through direct contact with both employers and landlords.

We handle all maintenance issues that come up at your properties. We typically respond to maintenance requests within 24-48 hours. You determine the amount of involvement you want to have in the regular maintenance at your property by setting a “cost of repair” dollar amount over which you wish to be contacted.

Yes. We have real estate broker license for the company, will get you the best deal possible when buying or selling property. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, real estate investors can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands with our experienced team.

Landlords hire property management services so their property investment can work for them with minimal effort on their end. With this in mind, we do our very best to ensure that everything you need on a day-to-day management basis is completely covered. That includes administration, educational resources, financial, and legal management.

Plus, we use the best property management software available. The software, called AppFolio, provides complete transparency to you as a landlord through the Owner portal along with performance and financial insights and fast access to all the important documents you need. Anything that we have, you’ll have.

Yes, we can provide references from current and/or past clients.

Normally, due to liability reasons, allowing tenants to move in early is not possible. The move-in date is the lease start date. However, we will work with special circumstances when presented.

Yes, although you will still be responsible for rent until a new tenant takes residence. You can choose to pay the lease termination fee according to the lease agreement.

Lease period is flexible and negotiable for both residential and commercial properties.

There is no California rent payment grace period to cover late rental payments, but we understand that things happen and that an occasional hiccup will occur. If you are going to be late with a rental payment, it’s important that you contact your property manager so we can help you. If you don’t share, we can’t help.

While we encourage owners to allow pets, policies vary from property to property and from landlord to landlord. If you do have a pet, the owner may require us to add a pet addendum to the lease and a pet deposit will be required. The addendum may stipulate that you cannot have any further pets on the premises, for example. On our online application, you’ll also notice a list of dangerous dog breeds which we cannot allow under any circumstances.

Yes, you do need renters’ insurance. All residents must provide proof of renters’ liability insurance upon moving in. If you do not provide proof of coverage, then we’ll provide a policy with a monthly charge.

We are not perfect and always are open to criticism for mistakes that we may have made. Simply reach out to your property manager and share your frustration and we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

Work day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. It is always best to schedule a visit to our office so we can be sure someone is there to meet you.

Please submit a maintenance request through your tenant portal, someone will get back to you within 24-48 business hours.

A maintenance emergency is something that will cause immediate danger to residents or the property. In other words, it cannot be fixed tomorrow, it must be fixed today. For example, a burst pipe, sewer backup, etc. For all other matters please submit your maintenance request through your tenant portal.

Rent is always due on the first of the month, payable by personal check, money order, cashier’s check, or simply pay your rent on our website! Please consult your lease to find out who checks should be made payable to. Cash is never accepted for rental payments.

Kablan Management Inc is closed for the following holidays:

New Year’s Day 

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Day After Thanksgiving

Christmas Day